Daily Sketch Sexy Self

Basically another self portrait, but the subreddit wants it to be “sexy,” so here ya go! 😀


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Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR’s eve.


NOTICE ME SENPAI (clingy edition)

Daily Sketch alternate theme: Wizards.  Okay, this is a stretch.  I recently drew a wizard, so I didn’t really wanna do it again so soon.  Instead, she’s more of a warlock or amateur cultist.  The main theme was pinball machines, and I drew a big ol giant blank there.  So….


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Magic Pig and Ninjas

Today’s daily sketch topic was red river hogs or magic pigs.  Which one did I pick?  (Reddit Sketch Daily Post in question)


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Also, here’s what almost killed my computer trying to save at 7500×9000 for leggings.  Ninjas at a Pajama Party.  They’re adults.  I know it may not seem like it… but… like.. they are.


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