A Short PSA (Awkward IRL #7)



I have Social Anxiety, hence the name of the comic.  I am awkward, but not in the trendy way, like people who just like to say they are, but “IRL” or in real life.  I deal with it, and I am well adjusted compared to how I used to be.  However, there’s still people out there who aren’t okay with who they are or are affected by some kind of trauma.  Stop demonizing mental illnesses and start helping out.  Be an advocate for your friends and family who are going through some things, and even better, be an advocate for strangers too.  Also, if you can’t make the stubborn and ignorant see how important this it, by all means, cut them out of your life.  You don’t need them, trust me.


Nathan A Randall

Ps.  Some resources:



Also, WebMD, though this place is not a place to browse too long. You’ll think you have cancer or something.


And if you wanna help me out,

Prints at Society6.com


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