A Shift for this Blog

I started this blog to showcase my webcomic, AwkwardIRL and random pieces, and its been fun.  Currently, I don’t have an audience big enough to justify a biweekly comic.  I am not saying I won’t make a comic from time to time, but the set in stone monday/friday is done for now.  The comic was time consuming and has been nearly the least popular thing I have been doing.  I want to start a story driven comic in the future, featuring full page Marvel/DC style paneling/action and yes, it will have some humor.  No ETA on that project yet.  Working out the kinks of the concept and plot points.

The Daily Sketch pieces have had a better response, and they will not be going away.  Humor has always been a big part of my work, but I am going to start upping my game.  Expect better from me in the near future.  I usually don’t post about any of the S6 exclusive designs, because well, there’s nothing to talk about.  I like what I make, but do you wanna see a blog about a pattern I just made?  Haha, probably not.

Also, this term (my last term YAY!!) is about to start, so another reason the comic is on hiatus.  Stay tuned for the Daily Sketches and Designs.


Nathan A Randall

p.s. :  Take a lot at my previous designs/pieces/strips here.

p.p.s. : Today’s Daily Sketch topic is Antarctica.  Give me a few hours for that one.  😀


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