I wish I had a story to go with this one.  I made a NSFW version of this, but I am debating posting it.  Haha, its actually not that bad, but still.

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Edit:  I did add the NSFW version.  Its tame, but some may not like it.


I wouldn’t presume, actually


But this guy know’s what you’re thinking.  Seriously, doesn’t every artist go through a phase where all they draw/sketch/paint are a series of eyes??


Red Version at

Purple Version at

It’s been awhile, huh?

I may not be posting daily again, just yet, but in between internship searching and interviews (and the occasional game session, let’s be honest), I will try to make a few designs a week.  This one is a design inspired by ink blots, and how much I’ve enjoyed making more patterned designs lately.  Are you looking into the eyes of owls or tigers?  Do you even see eyes?  It’s up to you what you see, or maybe it isn’t.


Prints at

Also, I’ve been busy lately so look at what I made:  my portfolio website (which will be change and update as necessary).