Patreon Page Launched

I have just launched a page for myself and my webcomics at Patreon.

Synopsis of the comics set for Patreon, including a continuation/relaunch of awkwardIRL that started here:

The main comic is “Natural Demographic.”  It’s about a bunch of 20 to 30 somethings struggling in the “real” world, depicted as animals.  The inspiration comes from my short time in a marketing environment where people are observed like animals at a zoo.  We are governed by instincts, stereotypes, and trends, at least according to them.  This comic and the characters in it are self aware.  I want to try to finish two pages a week, if possible.

The second comic is “awkwardIRL.”  This is mostly a random comic where the intent is trying to be funny (farts jokes are still funny, right??  RIGHT?).  This will have fewer, and more spontaneous additions.

I will still post designs and probably fanart (though I rarely make fanart) here, and I will post previews of my comic here as well, with links back to Patreon, of course.

Here’s a preview of the first 2 pages of Natural Demographic:


I hope you find this and then find me on Patreon.  My webcomics are fun to make, happy to share, and I hope to be able to continue making them.


Nathan Randall aka NateDosMil


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