2016 in memoriam


2016 took way more celebrities than I have time to draw.

2017, you’re already on notice.

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Daily Sketch: Just a little longer…


Steam sale coming.  Every December is this long wait of me just holding my breath.

EVERY TIME, EVERY DECEMBER (even before steam and valve were a thing)

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Ruined Portrait #2

You may or may not have noticed, I have not been keeping up with Daily Sketch’s prompts.  Sorry.  I just started two classes, and both of them have some time consuming textbooks.  One of those books is even 1000+ pages, and I wish I could tell you that’s the biggest textbook I’ve ever had, but nope.  Daily Sketch won’t be so much daily, but whenever I can.  Still… I hope you like #2 in my Ruined Portraits series.


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Daily Sketch Ghost

The topic was “ghosts of Sketch Daily” which refers to users that have since gone ghost from the subreddit.  As a new player, kinda weird for me to even address that topic, so instead I focused on the root of the topic:  ghosts.


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