I wish I had a story to go with this one.  I made a NSFW version of this, but I am debating posting it.  Haha, its actually not that bad, but still.

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Edit:  I did add the NSFW version.  Its tame, but some may not like it.


Ruined Portrait #2

You may or may not have noticed, I have not been keeping up with Daily Sketch’s prompts.  Sorry.  I just started two classes, and both of them have some time consuming textbooks.  One of those books is even 1000+ pages, and I wish I could tell you that’s the biggest textbook I’ve ever had, but nope.  Daily Sketch won’t be so much daily, but whenever I can.  Still… I hope you like #2 in my Ruined Portraits series.


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Daily Sketch r/FloridaMan

To understand today’s topic, you have to understand that there’s a subreddit dedicated to collecting the funny and often surreal stories of petty criminal activity in Florida.  90% is because of Meth.  Sometimes, and maybe even worse, its from sober people.  I have lived in Florida most of my life, I am allowed to make fun of my state (as if anyone needs permission).


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